Digital comics


PDF format comics available via Gumroad

Skeleton Key Book One: Beyond The Threshold. Tamsin Mary Cates finds a magical skeleton key and opens doors to whole new worlds. 106pgs.

Skeleton Key Book Two: The Celestial Calendar. 216pgs.

Skeleton Key Book Three: Telling Tales. 104pgs.

Skeleton Key Book Four: Cats and Dogs. 107pgs.

Skeleton Key Book Five: Roots. 110pgs.

Love Fights Volume Two. Love in a world of superheroes. 162pgs/134MB.


Love Fights Volume One. Love in a world of superheroes. 164pgs/150MB.


Breakfast After Noon. Love and unemployment in the Potteries. 222pgs/195MB.


Slow News Day. A special relationship develops when an American comes to work for a small town English newspaper. 181pgs/173MB.


Geisha one shot: Out of Tune. Sequel to Geisha. 58pgs /46MB.


Geisha. Sci-fi graphic novel. 149pgs/143MB.


Dumped. Love, deceit and recycling: a graphic novella. 69pgs/71MB


Princess at Midnight. Holly Crescent: schoolgirl by day, princess by night. An all-ages full colour graphic novel. 165pgs/123MB