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  1. Yay, when is POINTS DE CHUTE coming out in English? Will it be listed in the U.S. Previews?

    (I’ve just seen a review and was wondering how the original passed me by. I can read it, but I’d rather have the original!)

    • No date for an English language version yet. I’m waiting on a publisher getting back to me. Any news I’ll post it up on the site. Thanks for asking, wish I had something more to announce.

      • Thanks, I hope to see it soon! (You’re one of the names I search-in-file the digital Previews for.)

        I’m sure you know the market better than me, but FWIW, three places beyond the usual suspects that could be worth looking at if you’ve not contacted them already:

        * Conundrum Press. They’ve translated Michel Rabagliati’s PAUL series (a readership that’d also like your books), and have a nice line of reality-based GNs.

        * St. Martins Press. They’ve started with Tom Hart’s memoir ROSALIE LIGHTNING, maybe they’ll take GNs?

        * Dover Press. They’ve started a GN line, mostly out-of-print gems (PUMA BLUES, PALEO, THROUGH THE HABITRAILS, A SAILOR’S STORY, PRIVATE BEACH, WANDERING STAR, etc). But they’re also reprinting a 2007 book (Matt Coyle’s WORRY DOLL). I’m sure their plate is full, but who knows? (They may also be interested in some omnibus of your GNs, the way James Sturm’s GNs were regrouped as AMERICANA.)

        Of course, there’s also Image. (Where Ennis is reprinting his GNs, STRAY BULLETS too, BLUE MONDAY this month, etc.)

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