Monthly mini comics


I’ve added new tiers to my Patreon  as I’m going to print each months stories in a mini comic. If reading online isn’t quite the same as holding a printed object in your hands I hope this will fill the gap. Each issue will be a compact 4×6″ in full colour and mailed to your door. The first issue for February leads with The City Never Sleeps. I’ve also added tiers where I will include a colour drawing of a character of your choice with each issue. If I can get at least five patrons to sign up for the books then it will help cover the initial print run. The plan is to run each months new stories in each book and then print the stories that have already appeared online: Haunted, Muse, Fiction, The Twelfth Prince in their own separate books. If patrons enjoy the printed stuff then I can think about expanding into sketchbooks, prints and whatnot.

Five stories at my Patreon . Haunted is free.

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