Salon du livre d’expression populaire et de critique sociale



I’m a guest at the Arras Salon du livre this weekend, along with Joff Winterhart and Una. If you happen to live in Northern France, come and say hi.

28th April 5pm: Drawing performance (along with many others) at the Cap Nord book shop.

29th April 11pm: Signing at VO book shop in Lille.

1st May: Signing in Arras Grand Place 12-2pm and 4:30-6:30pm

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Skeleton Key Book Two: The Celestial Calendar is now available as a digital download from Gumroad . 216pg PDF in two colours. Skeleton Key Book One, Love Fights Volume One & Two, Breakfast After Noon, Slow News Day, Dumped, Princess at Midnight, Geisha and the Geisha one shot also available.




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