The Book Tour

Watson’s adeptness at capturing body language and facial expressions combines with nuanced dialog and a keen sense of irony to create a hugely entertaining page-turner.” —Library Journal (starred review)
“A darkly humorous read.” — Booklist 

“Andi Watson’s retro line and daring dialogue make this graphic novel a British delight.” — Le Monde
“Packed with black humor. We were carried away by the tempo of the drawing.” — RTL
“A real treat. Between Ionesco and Beckett.” — France Inter
“Black comedy, delicious and scathing.” — Télérama
“A little surrealist gem.” — Comixtrip
“Andi Watson embarks the reader on an adventure that mixes absurdity and dark humor. It almost feels like a new Raymond Carver.” — Franceinfo
“A fascinating maze in which we lose our bearings.” — Les Inrocks
“A little masterpiece of tongue-in-cheek humor.” — dBD
“Whatever the anxieties that led to the genesis of this book, they have allowed a beautiful exorcism… funny and chilling.” — Trois Couleurs
“Andi Watson gives The Book Tour the best of his art.” — Livres Hebdo
“Brilliant… a Kafka-like tale that immediately proves captivating.” — aVoir aLire
“A clean line that gives full measure to a Kafkaesque atmosphere.” — Canal BD
“Andi Watson delivers an offbeat graphic novel, with absurd dialogue recalling Monty Python.” — Let’s Motiv
“Delicious suspense that bathes in the absurd.” — BoDoï
“A fantastic and breathtaking story.” RTBF


“A sweet little tale with masses of quirky details.” –– Financial Times

“Sheer, uncomplicated fun… will leave readers queuing for more.” — The Irish Times

“The art is simply a delight, perfectly capturing the quirkiness of the world Glister lives in.” — Inis Magazine


“The spare dialogue flows naturally, propelling the story forward. The luminous, evocative artwork steals the show with its palette of blues and sandy browns accentuated with occasional pops of red and yellow. This is a contemplative study of a girl battered and disillusioned by her first glimpses of adult complexities. Atmospheric and nostalgic.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Watson (Breakfast After Noon) and Gane (Ghost Tree) whisk readers away to a sunny Greek fantasy island in this romantic character-focused graphic novel… Gane’s lush illustrations, portrayed in bright oceanic hues, earthy browns, and red accents, artfully render intricately detailed Grecian backdrops and conventionally attractive characters frolicking in the ocean. Watson conveys understated emotion via layered dialogue and measured pacing paired with deliberate plotting in this quiet, sun-drenched drama.” — Publishers Weekly

Kerry and the Knight of the Forest

“A timeless and immersive fantasy.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review

“An infectiously fun adventure that hints at danger without crossing the line into frightening. Put this into the hands of ‘Hildafolk’ fans.” — School Library Journal

Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula

“With an amusing (and occasionally decomposing) cast of floating skulls, eyeballs- on-skeleton-legs, and more, it’s a comic that will charm younger readers and adults alike.” — Pubishers Weekly


Paris is certainly a lovely understated tribute to art, misjudged soul-mates, and one of the most popular cities on Earth. –– Stephanie Kay, Comixfan

When reading Paris, one’s head swims as if we ourselves were Andi Watson’s love-drunk heroine. His scripts make our knees weak, but Simon Gane’s art catches us as we crumble, completing the seduction with casual grace. — Jamie S. Rich, author of The Everlarsting and Have You Seen the Horizon Lately?